Elliott | Mikaela Joy Savannah Newborn Photographer

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I have another fun share today- more baby photos!  Recently I had one month old Elliott in my studio for some late newborn photos.

Generally, you are supposed to do newborn photos within the first two weeks of life, so I was a bit nervous about little Elliott coming in at over a month old.  It turns out, though, that I had absolutely no reason to be.  This little man was a dream to work with.  He fell asleep easily, posed well, and then woke up for a few bright eyed photos at the end.

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With his red hair and blue eyes, this little guy is certainly going to be a charmer! I had such a great time working with him and am excited to watch him grow up.  What a sweetheart!

To see the rest of his photos you can visit my website here.


Eryn | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer

eryncandidIt can be hard to get anything done with a new baby, but last week I was determined to get back behind the camera taking something other than baby pictures. So with my little man tied on to my back, I made my way to Forsyth Park to meet up with a gorgeous model named Eryn.


Eryn posses one of my favorite qualities in a model- she’s up for anything.  She showed up with a smile on her face and a perfect outfit, despite the fact that I had only given her a day’s notice.  More impressively, she was unphased by my little helper, laughing as he tried to flirt with her.

DSC_0879 copy

Since it was such an impromptu shoot (I seem to be developing a habit here), we decided to keep it carefree with a more candid feel.  These are my favorite types of shots because they really showcase the personality of the model.  When I think of Eryn I think of vintage glamour, and I feel like that’s what we captured here.


You can find the rest of the photos from this shoot here.

Spring Cleaning

It’s the time of year.  People are climbing into their attics to sift through boxes of unwanted junk, dusting off the bookshelves that haven’t been dusted since last spring, and sorting through the junk drawers.  Something about the snow melting (metaphorically of course- I live in Georgia after all) feels like a fresh start, maybe even more so than New Years does.

I’ve certainly been doing my fair share of cleaning.  It seems like the second little man goes down for a nap I’m bolting around the house trying to get something done.  I’ve cleaned the carpets, worked in the lawn, and cleaned places in my house that should have been cleaned a long time ago. Yikes.

But there’s a place in my life that is even more in need of a spring cleaning than the rest of my house- my computer.  Last year at this time I was pregnant and lazy (seriously, how did I sleep that much?!) and so, even though I was taking a lot of pictures, they all ended up in an un-edited pile on my desktop.  I don’t even want to know how many raw files have piled up.

So my big spring cleaning project is to go through and edit all those raw files.  I’ve got a street photography set, some personal family photos, photos from my baby shower, some boudoir photos, and a set of my #1 model at the beach.  This could take a while.

So to kick things off, I’m going to share some photos I took last year at this time during a day walking around Savannah.

CoffeeShop WebBoards 5

I went back to wander downtown with my sister in law, our babies, and our dogs the other day for the first time in a long while. And even though it’s a year later, these photos perfectly depict what’s happening in Savannah right now- musicians playing in the park, people relaxing and working in the sunshine, and the gorgeous green grass of spring.  My little family really lucked out to get stationed in such a beautiful vibrant place.

Monday Photo Dump: Week 14 | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer

Image This week my hubby was out in the field (still) so I had a lot of down time.  This meant that I actually got out and did some stuff this weekend, and I think as a result got some fun pictures.

3-29-14: I spent my Saturday evening wandering Savannah and taking pictures of One Love’s Paws for a Cause event.  They had dancers performing and, seeing that I minored in dance and have a strong interest in the subject, I really enjoyed photographing it.
3-30-14: Sunday I went with some friends and some dogs out to the beach at Hilton head.  This dog (sassy) had the time of her life chasing water droplets.  I’m pretty sure she can fly!
3-31-14: I got my exercise this week with some tennis. I attempted to use my phone’s camera as an experiment to how well it works. Not very well, it turns out. If this had a proper exposure it wouldn’t have been half bad though. Does any know any manual camera apps for android?
4-1-14: I’ve been really enjoying how differently I’m able to grocery shop with my hubby not around.  If I want salami and brie for dinner I can do it, and nobody is here to complain!
4-2-14: I got a remote shutter release for my camera and spent some time messing around with it. I was going for a model-like photo, but I guess I’m better off behind the camera, because I do NOT know how to pose myself.  I accidentally got this shot of myself and Jerry playing though.
4-3-14: Another cell phone pic! This is one of the Petsmart cats being all belly’s up and cuddly, which, after my day at work, I really needed.
4-4-14: I bought a new 35mm lens and took it downtown to do some street photography. This was one of the first shots I took with it. I love this lens!

And that’s it for this weeks photos.  Next week will kick off with Jerry at the beach and some sharkless shark fishing. Stay tuned!

Paws For a Cause

Last weekend I spent my Saturday at The Foundry Coffee Pub in Savannah for One Love Animal Rescue’s Paws for a Cause event. The event involved an artisan fair and some performances in order to raise money for the rescue and have some fun while doing so.


The event was everything from cupcakes to belly dancers.  It was so great to see so much local talent coming out to support our cause.


I especially had fun photographing the dance portion of the evening.  I was a dance minor in college, so I spent a lot of my time watching performances (and of course dancing).  It was so much fun to be able to combine that love with one for photography and to use my dance knowledge to create these pictures.  I see more dance photography in my future!

Anyway, the event was a great success and I’m happy I was able to go out and shoot some pictures.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, fostering, or adopting a pet, please contact One Love Animal Rescue today.

Monday Photo Dump: Week 12 | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer

fridayphotodumpHere we are facing another Monday. I’m still sick. In fact today I am call in from work amounts of sick, so I’ve spent the whole morning on the couch reading Divergent, cuddling with my pets, and feeling all around crappy.

But, I’m taking a break from all of that to share this week’s photos.


3-15-14: We start off in the heart of Savannah’s St. Patty’s day celebrations. This holiday is kind of a big deal here, for some odd reason, so the party lasted all weekend long.  We went out on Saturday with some friends and I did some drinking and street photography. I wrote a quick post about it and shared some pictures here.


3-16-14: Sunday I revisited some old music that I used to love as a teenager and realized I’ve not developed an attachment to music in the same way since then. There is something about hiding out in the orange and yellow bedroom of my teenage years reading Ray Bradbury and listening to A Ghost is Born that in some ways, I’ll never beat.


3-17-14: Monday was shopping day ’cause I was in desperate need of a new pair of running/work shoes. I made a first attempt at product photography, which, although it’s a bit dark, I think I did pretty decent on (especially since I was working with natural light).


3-18-14: On Tuesday Sam took in this absolutely adorable foster puppy who we both got instantly attached to (for me, all it took were some puppy kisses).


3-19-14: Wednesday I decided to revisit my writing after coming to the realization that I never write anymore, so I busted out this old tattered journal.


3-20-14: More writing on Thursday, but this time in the form of poetry.  Inspiration hits at such random times for me (I wrote most of this in my head while counting jewelry at work), but it’s such a great feeling when it happens.


3-21-14: Friday I did an impromptu photo shoot with Sam, her jeep, and the setting sun. I’m so excited with how this shot turned out!

That’s it for this week.  Next week’s photo dump will be kicked off with the cutest puppies in the world, so stay tuned!

St. Patty’s Day in Savannah

I did it.

Somehow I convinced my hubby to brave the St. Patrick’s Day crowds to get the Savannah experience.  This holiday is kind of a big deal here, in fact it lasted all weekend. For those of you that aren’t from around here, it looks a bit like this:

And this was way before things got crowded

We met up some friends and drank some beer and of course I brought my camera. It turns out that street photography is really great when everyone is drunk because most people want to be in the pictures.  I had countless people pose for me, some that weren’t even the intended subject.  Everybody was dressed crazy, drunk, and happy, (my friends and I included).


Some of these crazy people are strangers, some my friends

I did learn that holding a beer while wielding a big camera is a bit difficult, but I still think I managed to get the shots that really represent what this weekend looked like. It was a blast!