The Lazy Poem

I want to take a second to share a poem today.  I’m having a bit of an off day and therefore I’ve been curled up in an oversized sweatshirt watching American Horror Story all day, so it seemed like a good day to share “Lazy Poem.” Here goes:


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Monday Photo Dump: Week 12 | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer

fridayphotodumpHere we are facing another Monday. I’m still sick. In fact today I am call in from work amounts of sick, so I’ve spent the whole morning on the couch reading Divergent, cuddling with my pets, and feeling all around crappy.

But, I’m taking a break from all of that to share this week’s photos.


3-15-14: We start off in the heart of Savannah’s St. Patty’s day celebrations. This holiday is kind of a big deal here, for some odd reason, so the party lasted all weekend long.  We went out on Saturday with some friends and I did some drinking and street photography. I wrote a quick post about it and shared some pictures here.


3-16-14: Sunday I revisited some old music that I used to love as a teenager and realized I’ve not developed an attachment to music in the same way since then. There is something about hiding out in the orange and yellow bedroom of my teenage years reading Ray Bradbury and listening to A Ghost is Born that in some ways, I’ll never beat.


3-17-14: Monday was shopping day ’cause I was in desperate need of a new pair of running/work shoes. I made a first attempt at product photography, which, although it’s a bit dark, I think I did pretty decent on (especially since I was working with natural light).


3-18-14: On Tuesday Sam took in this absolutely adorable foster puppy who we both got instantly attached to (for me, all it took were some puppy kisses).


3-19-14: Wednesday I decided to revisit my writing after coming to the realization that I never write anymore, so I busted out this old tattered journal.


3-20-14: More writing on Thursday, but this time in the form of poetry.  Inspiration hits at such random times for me (I wrote most of this in my head while counting jewelry at work), but it’s such a great feeling when it happens.


3-21-14: Friday I did an impromptu photo shoot with Sam, her jeep, and the setting sun. I’m so excited with how this shot turned out!

That’s it for this week.  Next week’s photo dump will be kicked off with the cutest puppies in the world, so stay tuned!

How I Feel about Winter Storm Leon (In Poem Form)

For a blog called “Poetry and Pesto,” there sure hasn’t been a lot of poetry on here lately.

Well, have no fear, I am about to change that.

So I live in Georgia, and right now there is this big hype about the fact that it might snow tomorrow.  Apparently it hasn’t snowed here in like 20 years.  Well, I’m from Washington State where it snows all the time, so I’m finding the whole thing quite entertaining.  I get that down here our houses and vehicles and power lines aren’t prepared to handle snow, but come on guys, its a possible inch. In fact, I will be legitimately mad if it doesn’t snow after all this hype.  I haven’t seen a proper snow in years!


Anyway, I wrote my feelings on the matter into a poem, partly because I was inspired to do so, but mostly because I didn’t want to work. Here it is:


So there you have it– My thoughts on Winter Storm Leon (in poem form).

Enjoy the soon to come snow!


Sunday Inspiration | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer

It’s sunday and the weekend is disappearing way too fast.  My plans of a carefree motorcycle ride today got rained out and now all I can think about is work, business strategies, and other monday-related things.  I’m not exited.

So to pick up the mood I thought I’d share one of my all time favorite quotes for  bit of inspiration.  I came across this poem in a class taught by one of my favorite teachers, Sasha Pimentel Chacon (if you like poetry, look her up because hers is wonderful).  I didn’t understand the poem at the time, and I probably still don’t get it completely, but this one line really stood out to me.

Some might find this a bit morbid.  One of the main premises is that we are all going to die.  But it also says that our bodies are not the mark that we leave on this world, our words and art are.  

What this quote tells me is just how important it is to do something meaningful every day.  It begs the question, if I were to die today, what would I leave behind?

This is my inspiration, but maybe something a bit more upbeat would work better for some of my other readers, so let’s share.  How do you find your Monday morning inspiration?  

If your answer is coffee, I can already tell we’ll get along just fine.

Winter Hair

I worked the morning shift today and, up until I was trying to leave, work was incredibly slow. After running out of ways to keep myself busy I decided to do some writing.  It’s awfully peaceful in the mornings at Sam’s when two or three members straggle through the store.  Anyway, along with a page or two for a piece of fiction that I’m working on, this is what I came up with.  It’s a little out of season, but being in Georgia has deprived me of my winters, so I’ll write about them year round. So here it is:


Winter Hair

The tips of her trembling
toes entice me, peeking
from beneath the fire-soaked
wool of her blanket.  “The winter’s

too cold,” she says ,”Let’s
migrate south like the geese
where I’ll never have to bother
with icicles again.   But I like

the goosebumps forming on her
freckled forearm as she clutches
the blanket tighter to her chest. “Come,”
she says, “Hold me close,” and I know

the sweet scent of home lies
in her cold, winter hair.

Bedtime Poetry

I find it
with my hand along the curve of your waist,
sensing in slow seconds the tilt of the milky way.

-Arthur Sze, The String Diamond

Today is just a quick post that comes from reading some poetry before bed. This book The Redshifting Web has been sitting on my bookshelf unread, a remnant of one of my poetry classes. To be honest, I don’t understand most of what Sze is doing in his poems which is why this book stayed unread for so long. But its always good to challenge myself to try, especially when I am rewarded by gorgeous lines like this one.